Ultimate E-Course Bundle
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Ultimate E-Course Bundle

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This bundle includes the 42 e-courses listed below. You'll have unlimited access to them!

What's included in the bundle:

  1. How to Work with Brands + Utilize Affiliate/Influencer Programs
  2. How to Calculate Rates for Brand Partnerships
  3. Creating A Financial Plan for Your Influencer Business
  4. How to Create a Google Spreadsheet for Tracking Influencer Income
  5. How to Create a Google Spreadsheet for Tracking Affiliate/Influencer Programs + Partnerships
  6. How to Create a Media Kit + Rate Sheet in Canva
  7. How to Send Emails to Brands Professionally + Successfully
  8. Setting Up Your LTK.it Account + Profile for Success || Your Daily LTK.it Routine
  9. How to Utilize ALL LTK.it Widgets for Your Website
  10. Setting Up your LTK.it Collaborations Profile || Making a Financial Plan
  11. How to Create LTK.it Collage Graphics in Canva
  12. Analyzing Analytics + How to Properly Create a Posting Strategy Month-to-Month
  13. How to Create LTK.it Content That Sells || How to Utilize LTK.it on ALL Platforms to Increase Income
  14. How to Create a Google Spreadsheet for Tracking LTK.it Content & Sales
  15. Key Elements to a Successful Shoot Day
  16. Location, Texture, Color, and Product: How They All Connect for a Successful Shoot
  17. Planning Your Shoot Day for Success
  18. The Secret to Posing Like a Pro
  19. Working with a Professional Photographer
  20. Shoot Day Gear Box: What You Need
  21. Our Go-To Programs for Post-Shoot Processing 
  22. Creating a Successful Instagram Story Strategy
  23. Creating Your Instagram Story Brand
  24. How to Create Instagram Story Content in Canva
  25. Utilizing the Tools in Instagram Stories to Boost Views
  26. The Secret to Sales on Instagram Stories
  27. How to Properly Use Instagram Stories to Network + Connect with Brands
  28. The Magic of Sundays
  29. How to Create an Instagram Reels Strategy That Works
  30. Trends, Themes, and Transitions: Why + How to Use Them
  31. The 4-1-1 on Creating a Reels Series & Why It Works
  32. Utilizing Instagram Stories + Share Weeks to Increase Reels Views
  33. Most Popular Reels Styles & How to Create Them
  34. How to Use Canva for Creating Reels Titles, Stickers, and More
  35. Tools You Need for Instagram Reels 
  36. Discovering Your Passion & Strengths and Turning Them Into a Business
  37. Finding Your Niche and How to Use It
  38. Utilizing Your Analytics to Discover Your Audience & Their Needs
  39. Creating Your Visual Brand: Part 1
  40. Creating Your Visual Brand: Part 2
  41. Creating Your Brand Voice: Part 1 
  42. Creating Your Brand Voice: Part 2


**E-Courses will be delivered to you via a Google Drive link via email within 24 hours of purchase!


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